The War Of The United States

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“And you think Edward is going to allow us to pull government back together without a fight.” “Definitely not. We can expect a fight. I guarantee bloodshed. We’re going to have to be cunning and move quickly. When we’re ready, we will also need muscle.” “I have about two hundred men on my estate. I have one small group of men who has some paramilitary training. The vast majority are plain old farmhands; we wouldn’t stand a chance against a professional military.” “That’s when you can count on me. Several former high-ranking military officers have joined the revolution. As we speak, they’re pulling together their units and reorganizing a standing militia. We’ll be ready to protect your convention and stand up to whatever The Movement has left to throw at us. You’ll also be able to count on them to enforce Connecticut state law until you can assemble a state police force.” “When do you want me to hold this convention? It will take me time to get the word out to the delegates, and that’s assuming I can even locate them.” “We’re moving quickly. Time is not on our side. We’re hopeful that we can hold the conventions before Thanksgiving this year.” “November, huh, three months from now; it’s ambitious, but I guess it’s doable.” William contemplated the logistics. He could send Blue Hills’ farmhands all across Connecticut. If they rode like Paul Revere, there was a chance they could spread the word across the state and meet the November deadline. “All right,” William said.

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