The War Of The Vietnam War

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The years that the United States participated in the Vietnam war were some of the most stressful ones in our history. America’s youth were mostly against the war. Some opposed the war out of fear of having to go fight themselves, those cowards fled to Canada or received college waivers that allowed them to post pone the draft until after their education. Other’s opposed the war because they felt that the people of their race where unfairly represented in the number of troops being sent in comparison to whites. Some opposed the war because of their political beliefs. This last group were liberals who supported Socialism and Communism and disagreed with stopping the “Bolshevik" takeover of new nations. Since it was American youth who were barring the brunt of fighting this war, they had a lot to say about who, when, where and how this war would be fought. At first this war was one of the many wars that broke out against European Colonialism post World War 2. Vietnam was a French colony and the people wanted independence. After 9 years of war with the French, the Communist rebels defeated them at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. A treaty was negotiated that split Vietnam in half along the 17th parallel similar to what had been done with Korea. The Communist North Vietnamese sought to unify the nation, but were opposed by the South Vietnamese with the support of it’s strong American ally. President Eisenhower adopted a policy of “Containment,” which sought to prevent any further spread of

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