The War On Drugs Has Been All Over The World

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The war on drugs has been all over the world for the past several decades, country to country and region to region. When you really think about it each and every place at one point in time has had the trouble of facing the many negatives that come along with drugs such as people becoming addicts, violence, and crime in general, drug lords, and a plethora of other problems. Handling these problems before they get out of hand are relatively important, because if not handled right the country, region, state, or local municipality could collapse at any given time. Mexico, who has been handling a drug war this past decade seems as if they are not getting better any time soon and serious repercussions will come of this if something doesn’t…show more content…
Besides murders there has been a collection of other ways that this has been traumatic for lots of the innocent population in Mexico. A lot of the killings/mass murder and gruesome ways these cartels manage to handle their victims are of public display which leave a terrible image in a lot of people’s heads. This has grown a national sense of thousands of people feeling unsafe within their own neighborhoods since this drug war begun. In fact, “Nationally representative victimization surveys show that the percentage of adults who feel the state in which they live is unsafe rose from 54% in 2004 to 65% in 2009, while the percentage of individuals who feel their work is unsafe rose from 13.7% to 19%” (Colgate). These numbers can lead to several different problems starting with the workforce. If someone continues to feel unsafe at their job they are probably not going to be there very long. This belief could lead to a huge drop in production for the country as a whole, and leave several people in their homes unwilling to buy goods or work a job that could mean the end of their life. Economically, having people feel unsafe in the country they live in leads to a disruption on many accounts financially. Politically, the country of Mexico has changed a lot since the rise of Mexican and Drug violence also. Since the rise of drug and gang problems, the press has been surveyed a lot differently than prior
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