The War Prayer Williams Dean Howell Analysis

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Mark Twain" The war prayer" and Williams dean Howell "Editha" both compare their stories to war; they were impelling the characters into something that can cause death. Twain and Howell both contradicted they stories off war that really didn’t take places. The stories were both romanticism. Howells was very much opposed to war and especially the Spanish-American War, which he considered imperialistic. The story impales Editha, who embodies all the nonsense about the heroic romanticism of war and whose false sense of values drives her unfortunate fiancé to a premature death in a questionable war. Howell made it story based off currently everyday situation of manipulative. Twain “War Prayer was devastating indictment of war, and particularly …show more content…

Editah was a woman who loved her country more than anything and willing to give up anything. George however dislike in his portrayal of Editha, a thoughtless, selfish lady idealistic but ignorant for wanting him to be processed in war. Editah couldn’t understand how George didn’t think that war was important even thou she got him to go. Her pressing him into war effect on other people mainly his mom because he got soon he got to war. His mom speaks "No, you didn't expect him to get killed," Mrs. Gearson repeated. (Howell) “I suppose you would have been glad to die, such a brave person as you! I don't believe he was glad to die. He was always a timid boy, that way; he was afraid of a good many things; but if he was afraid he did what he made up his mind to. I suppose he made up his mind to go, but I knew what it cost him by what it cost me when I heard of it. I had been through one war before. When you sent, him you didn't expect he would get killed.” (Howell) His mom was very discouraging in Editah for send her son to get killed. The war prayer depicts a man coming in to tell them that fighting war wasn’t no justification right. A country goes into war and church member call ups a meeting to pray for the soldiers. They prayed to GOD to grant them victory and to protect their troops. when an unexpected man comes on alone to tell them it’s not right sending them off

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