The Warden Reflection

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The Warden
She’s mean, she’s scary, she makes you dig holes-Yes, you’ve got it, it’s the dreadful, direful, fearsome...Warden. Based on what I have read so far, I believe the Warden is a selfish, scary, and rude person. In addition to that, she is definitely impatient, strict and bossy. Firstly, I believe the Warden is a selfish person, because on page 3 of chapter 1, the author states that, “The campers are forbidden to lie in the hammock. It belongs to the Warden. The Warden owns the shade.” The Warden won’t share the hammock to any of the campers, even if they are dehydrated or near death. Isn’t that just egoistical? Besides, in chapter 20, page 89, the Warden’s cabin is described as a very sybaritic place. It has air-conditioner, a television, and plenty of furniture that probably costs a lot. But then at Group D, all they have is a wreck room, and it is trash (And a wreck, literally.)compared to the Warden’s cabin. Besides, the boys are working for the Warden, finding something for the Warden, getting up everyday at the crack of dawn to dig holes. I don’t think that’s a dream come true for them. And what does the Warden do? She sits in her fancy cabin, sipping sodas and watching television, not giving any thanks to the boys.
The Warden is also quite the scary person. It is told that the Warden uses snake venom as nail polish. She
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On pages 66-68, Mr.Pendanski says he had filled the canteens not long ago, but then the Warden snarls, “And the next time I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it without questioning my authority.” I would be sick of her attitude if I were Stanley. And actually, the Warden is the one having the boys to dig holes all day long, and when X-Ray “finds” the gold tube, the Warden orders everyone in Group D on how to dig and what to do. Though she does give Group D enough water, when they can’t find anything, she orders them to dig faster and faster, though not finding any
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