The Website Into Common Languages

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One must take numerous things into account when developing a Website, one of the most important concepts would be the translating of the website into common languages. In reflecting at the countless product labels or manuals, restaurant menus, and even school enrollment forms; how many of these are available in multiple languages. The same should be considered with websites designed for a wide audience. In practicing web translations of my Biography page in different languages, Google Translate was my go-to resource. Google produces amazing sites, services, and happens to be a favorite for internet searches! Using Google Translate Web, decided to view the translation of Sara Weissman’s Biography Page (Weissman, 2014), and selected Dutch as the foreign language for testing. The biography page was selected due to the fact it had the most verbiage. At first glance the translation looked satisfactory, however not being proficient in Dutch, decided to de-construct the website. In order to analyze if any verbiage intent was miss-construed in the translation, switched it back to English from the Dutch translation; also using Google Translate. Overall not much was different, there were a few words switched out for synonyms, and the meanings of a few words were changed entirely, such as pursuit to ‘aim’, and venture to ‘enterprise’. One sentence translation was entirely off; the translation changed the verbiage from future to past tense, causing the message, although similar, to be
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