The Weimar Republic

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Tobin Mayhew Saer
Nazi Germany
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February 23, 2016

In 1919 the German people attempted to create a parliamentary democracy with the Weimar Republic. Born in the ashes of defeat, the Weimar Republic was heavily burdened with failures of the past. For decades historians have sought to understand why the Weimar Republic failed and if it was doomed to do so from the start. The answer to this question is very complex as many different factors were involved. The fait of Weimar Germany was in the hands of many different ideas and forces that caused its failure which make it very difficult to isolate one or two for being solely responsible for its demise. Many take one look at Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime and place immediate blame on it for the downfall of the Weimar democracy but in reality it required a perfect storm of economic and political conditions that emerged before the rise of Hitler. From the beginning, the Weimar Republic faced inevitable challenges that were responsible for its failure and it is safe to say that as a result of these various difficulties the Weimar Republic was doomed from the start. With the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was confronted with heavy reparation fees. Germany’s post-war constitution and electoral system are also to blame for its fall as no single political party ever held an absolute majority of Reichstag seats meaning that no party was able to form a government of its own. Hostility to democracy and parliamentarian government grew…

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