The West Wing: The TV Show

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The West Wing Technology is growing fast, as is the new generations branching off with new forms of media and devices that provide us with the news. News and politics have had difficulty when informing its public and community of the events that happen in their community. Now the media and news are growing to reform to the earlier generation’s way of receiving the news and events related to them, by using media and popular culture. According to Wodak, for politics to air and to engage and intrigue its public, it must need scandal, rumour, and speculation (45). The West Wing, is a clear example of where the news and politics enter into the world of entertainment, but still informing its audience of the political world and events they may…show more content…
C.J. is seen constantly updating the entire political team with the ongoing changes of the events. She is represented as a strong, tough, intelligent female, thus showing masculine qualities that were stated by Hungerford earlier, but she still stays put in a secretary position. Leo, later gives C.J. with more power with relation to the power of the political team when he meets with the VP in a secluded environment, where the doors are shut and it seems to be night time. Leo ends up threatening the VP, in response to the VP’s response to C.J. blowing her off. Leo states “And when she (C.J.) tells you something, I want you to consider it a directive from this office” (“Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc”), Leo is empowering C.J. making her have the same power as the political office. This is when the VP lashes back in response and ends up aggressively stating “you and your pal” referring to the president as “pal” showing great disrespect. Leo responds with a strong, intimidating voice, projecting his level of power stating “Give this president anything less than your full throated support…and you’re going to find out exactly how long” (“Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc”), Leo threatens the VP is losing his job and political power, if he rejects and shows disrespect to the president. This is a clear example of Leo (male) having power over other males, trying to give power
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