The Westing Game

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The title of my book is The Westing Game. The author of my book is Ellen Raskin. The main characters in the book are Sam Westing, Madame Sun Lin Hoo, Jake Wexler, Turtle Wexler, Flora Baumbauch, Chris Theodorakis, D. Denton Deere, Alexander McSouthers, J.J. Ford, Grace Wexler, James Shin Hoo, Berthe Erica Crow, Julian R. Eastman, Amber Otis, Theo Theodorakis, Doug Hoo, Sydelle Pulaski, Barney Northrup, and Angela Wexler. My favorite character is Angela because she is really pretty and is a great friend to Sydelle when she fractures her ankle. The story takes place at Sunset Towers. It all starts out when Sam, Turtle, and Doug, have a bet on Halloween with some other people that they could stay in this hunted old house who someone died in…show more content…
But then Sam would have to be mad at his wife or ex-wife for making her kill herself but who is his wife or ex-wife. She started to think he was still alive and was in disguise. But she didn’t know for sure. Everyone was trying to figure out who the bomber, the burglar, and the murderer was. Soon Turtle confessed she was the one who was setting off the bombs, and Madame Shin Lee Hoo confessed she was the burglar. One week later the next meeting was called. Everyone gave one answer and they were all wrong. In the will it said to go to the library. So they did. The lawyer left them alone to go get the rest of the will papers. They decided to share their clues. When they put them together it made the first verse of the Star Spangle Banner. But letters were missing. O BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES FOR AM WAVES OF GRAIN FOR PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTIES ABOVE FRUITED PLAIN AMERICA AM God SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE AND N THY GOOD WITH BROTHERHOOD FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA The letters that are missing spell out Berthe Erica Crow. J. J. Ford tried to defend her and so everyone promised not to say a word. When the lawyer came back in Berthe Erica Crow said the answer was her. So she got arrested and 5 minutes after she left sand dropped dead. Then the Lawyer read out of the will. It said that Sam Westing was really named Windy Windlopper. He changed his name for business reasons. Then Turtle had a
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