The Westing Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Murder, suicide, fire works, bombs...but through it all comes friendship, and of course, 200 million dollars. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin has it all, but is there more than it seems behind the mysterious Westing will that drew 16 strangers, friends, and foes to a deluxe apartment building? To find out more about the attention-grabbing movie compared to the intricate Westing game novel, read on. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin contains many similarities and differences that are worth diving into! The Westing Game, book and movie, is centered around a mysterious game set up by a man whose history is shrouded in pain and mystery. The novel focuses on 16 heirs that have been carefully selected to live in a fancy apartment establishment. The characters all face …show more content…

One difference seen as the movie opens is Sunset Towers. In the book, Sunset Towers is a modern, high-class,and rural building on the shore of Lake Michigan,whereas, in the movie, it is a old and rundown building is the heart of a bustling city. Another difference is Jake Wexler’s jobs. In the movie, Jake is gambler, but in the book, he is a podiatrist and a bookie. It is clear that the movie alters the details and characters from the book’s version Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game holds many comparing and contrasting points that are worth exploring. The similarities in Turtle and Crow’s character serve as a good reminder of the other piece of work and gives something to be compared. The differences in Sunset Tower’s location and overall look as well as Jake Wexler’s occupation and jobs give the two forms of media a unique spin on the other. So, read the book and watch the movie! The stage is set for a winding, mysterious thriller waiting to be unwound...for thoses who dare to play the Westing

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