The White And Black Women Essay

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Women of almost every race, age, culture, and social class have been oppressed since the beginning of time in one way or another and still are today. Both white and black women in the south were oppressed, but in drastically different ways. Free white women and enslaved black women were treated incredibly different, that much is quite obvious. This shows that the racism against black people of this time period is far more prevalent and distinctly more brutal that the sexism against women. Slavery negatively affected black women the most and while the economic benefit was significant to the male slave owners, their wives not only reaped the benefits of the wealth increase, but had less work in the home, were no longer the lowest level of social hierarchy, viewed themselves superior to northern women, and were envied by southern women not owning slaves. The elite white women of the south benefited and thrived from the slavery of women who were beaten, raped, and tortured.
More male slaves were shipped over to America than female, because the demand for slaves was driven by labor intensive work needing to be done. Women were initially used to keep the men company and as domestic and field labors. After it was realized that the women could outlive the men and that in Africa these women were used to intense labor, more women were put to work in the fields as well. Generally speaking, male slaves cost more than female slaves, even though obviously more factors than just gender

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