The White Men Have Intentions Opposite Of Those From Invisible Mans

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I. The white men have intentions opposite of those from Invisible Mans. IM is merely an entertainer or comedy act for the wealthy white men.
In Twarie’s article, he discusses an element of moral and emotional ambiguity to the novel, contributing to the mode of questioning that dominates it. Symbolic situations are illuminated in Ellison’s novel such as the Battle Royal, and the boxing match which give rise to the stereotypes we see throughout the chapter (196).
When the IM first arrived at the ballroom, he was under the impression that because he was there anyway, he might as well take part in the battle royal to be fought (Ellison 2). The Invisible Man suspected that fighting a battle royal might distract from the dignity of his speech. Tewarie tells us that the Battle Royal scene emphasizes the essentially feudal nature of southern society in the relationship between the black, and the white men. Tewarie emphasizes that “a black man cannot hope to be conceded his individuality nor his personhood” (193). As the chapter continues, we see how the white men at the smoker treat the IM, and interact with him. Before the battle royal begins I can see that the Ellison forecasts an air of humility and social responsibility- acknowledging social inequality.
II. The humiliation, and dishonor the boxing match plays out to be
IM has had no voice in whether or not he wanted to enter the boxing ring, or participate in the battle royal. In Tewarie’s article we learn that the Battle
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