The Wide Ranging Impact Of The Growth Of Telecommunications

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The Wide Ranging Impact of the Growth of Telecommunications Telecommunications is defined in the dictionary as “the science and technology of sending information by telephone, radio, or television” (“Telecommunications,” n.d.). What it should say is transcendent technology that shapes the way the world runs. Its impact is truly that expansive and important. Telecommunications allows the ability for global teams to send crucial data in the blink of an eye, to meet over a video conference across the world and stay connected by allowing access to a centralized database. Telecommunications and Distributed Connectivity Telecommunications is something that every single one of us is using in form or another throughout the course of lives whether it’s making a call to a friend across the world, using the internet to research a paper or use our employer’s business systems to do our jobs on a daily basis. Distributed processing takes advantage of telecommunications by using a network to allow for remote processing equipment that can then receive data via the network (Stair & Reynolds, 2016, Basic Processing Alternatives section). There are many advantages to this form of computing over the standard centralized server that is often utilize. Natasha Gilani (n.d.) notes four benefits to this style of processing including lower cost, better reliability, improved performance and reduced processing time, and flexibility. The system is lower cost due to the lower cost of microcomputers
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