A History Of Telecommunications Essay

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Directions: Select a topic from the case studies in the text. You may choose any of the topics, except those covered in previous assignments. Examples of topics you might investigate include: using telecommunications to keep in touch with co-workers; telecommunications innovation; managing telecommunications; emerging telecommunications technologies; and so on.

Do independent research on your topic and present your findings in a 15-20 page position paper (based on the body of the paper, excluding references, abstracts, table of contents, etc). It is critical that you display an understanding of material from the text and lectures. Your paper should incorporate material from at least 5 sources. Appropriate sources are:
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What I started to realize was that I can remember a time when if you wanted to keep in touch with someone you actually had to mail them a letter. My father used to tell me stories about how he used to listen to the Lone Range every week on the AM radio. But I remember watching Buck Rogers and Star Trek on a tiny little black and white TV and what it felt like when we got our first color TV set. Who knew that bugs bunny actually was still grey on a color TV or that Jerry was brown and Tom, well he still had a hard time catching that mouse no matter what color he was. Now when I watch my young children playing the Wii on the 55 inch HD plasma TV I remember my first game of Pong I played on my Radio Shack TRS-80. I also remember having to go home to make a phone call and often listen as my children are talking on my cell phone while we drive to grammas’ house. Then to top it off is that they don’t know what life was like before the internet. So I decided to it would be more interesting to take a historical walk through of some of the most significant technology and telecommunications developments that I have been so privileged to see develop in my lifetime.

Before I dive into the significant developments within my life I feel it is important to look back at the broader scope of the history of telecommunications and technology to see some of the earlier examples of

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