The Wife Of Bath Feminist Analysis

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In the Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale we see a lot of different women’s generalizations. Whether you think they are true or not, they definitely get our attention, but, are these generalizations given with a favorable ulterior motive, or are they given by the author to makes us think in these ways about women? We can clearly see in The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale that Chaucer tried to pose misogynistic ideas .Since the very beginning, our main character in the these stories is the Wife of Bath, which is described as a “professional wife” who loves sexual intercourse. We are later introduced into her prologue just to know more about the type of woman she is. She starts talking about herself saying that she has had 5 husbands and tells…show more content…
The tale is about a knight who rapes a woman and has no type of punishment due to the fact that he did what a woman wanted him to do. What Chaucer is trying to make us think in here is that according to the Wife of Bath’s tale, which is being told by woman, if we do what women want then we’ll live happy and if not we are doomed. The knight had to discover what do women want most in life to save his own, and the answer was to be in charge of their husbands and lovers. While the knight is in his journey to discover this, he receives different answers of women and they all included something negative such as richness, nice clothes, and fun in bed. None of them answer something as having a happy family or a faithful husband. Chaucer (through the Wife) expresses that women are only interested in material things or to have the power. In the tale another short story is mention, which is the one of Midas that concludes in saying that we can’t trust women since they can’t keep secrets. Basically, Chaucer made such terrible generalizations about women that after reading “The Wife of Bath” you feel kind of disgusted by the monster he tries to
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