The Wife Of Bath 's Tale Prologue And Story

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The idea of a happy marriage has always been described as one that is full of compromise. It has always been said that to make marriages work, both parties must be willing to give a little bit up to gain it back later. In the Wife of Bath’s Tale Prologue and story, this idea called into question. During both of these stories, the idea of give and take is a major topic. Largely because the ones that are getting, are giving up essential control over their lives. In a world where divorce seems to be at an all time high, these tales attempt to shed light on what it would take to create a happy marriage or relationship. During the prologue of The Wife of Bath’s Tale, the wife discusses her thoughts on roles between males and females within relationships. She discusses this idea by hitting on two different points of view, power and religious ideology. The wife talks about all five of her marriages and how she gained power and control within those relationships by using her body; “In wifehood I will use my instrument As freely as my maker me it sent”. (Kindle pg. 262). The wife describes the first three of her marriages as very much pragmatic relationships. She would use her body to control her husbands and to make significant financial gains through them. She was very sensible when it came to sex within these relationships, because she knew that it gave her power and control over her men. Due to this, she admitted to the idea of satisfying her needs by means outside of her
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