Compare And Contrast Bath's Tale And Le Morte D Arthur

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Men in the middle ages looked upon marriage as being a disadvantage because they considered wives to be gold diggers in which men would pay for their fancy lifestyle. The “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” was written around the year 1386, by Geoffrey Chaucer who tells a tale about a wife that wants sovereignty over her husbands. Book 18 of “Le Morte d’Arthur,” was written by Thomas Malory, he tells a tale about Queen Guinevere who wanted to follow the traditional role of a wife, who wanted to marry Sir Lanucelot but never could and have happiness because of the tragic that she had. Even though the two women were of the same era, they had different beliefs on the role of a woman like the wife who was a gold digger that married many husbands, the Queen …show more content…

She wanted a marriage where she could get everything that she wanted and to have control. She married five husbands and took money from them and giving her body to them.

Queen of Guinevere who was married to King Arthur had a strong love towards Sir Launcelot who was the best knight of the world. King Arthur later had accused Queen Guinevere of adultery and told her to fight for her lover. Sir Launcelot was the knight of her choice. Her characteristics are being a beautiful woman who could not achieve true happiness because of the tragic she had when she was accused of poisoning the apple. She wanted a marriage where she could find true love and happiness and not worry about anything in the world. She wanted Sir Launcelot who would always fight for her and defend her. Queen Guinevere wasn’t about greed or lust, she wanted a happy marriage. She is characterized as a beautiful queen who wants a healthy marriage. Her love is towards Sir Launcelot because of him caring for her.

In comparing the Wife of Bath’s Tale with Queen Guinevere, both show adultery because the wife in “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is married to her 4th Husband and sees a good looking young man and tells herself that she wants to marry him. Queen Guinevere is married to King Arthur where she sees a good looking knight that she begins to talk to. Both are religious to God who follows his rules. Queen Guinevere is rich because she is married to the king and the wife is rich also

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