The Wild Horse Race

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On July 4th, 1935, El Paso, Texas was holding their annual Wild Horse race. Cowboys from all over the country gather around to watch all of Texas’s best cowboys. Children gathered around with excitement in their eyes. This year has been rumoured to be the best one yet. The town had supplied some of the best horses that have ever been and the cowboys were ready in every way to wrangle them.
Everyone was watching for one cowboy in particular, a cowboy rumored to be the best in the whole country. His name was Carl Owen, a young man from a small town in Oklahoma. The horse race had a high level of danger due to the kicking of the horses and the chaos. Carl did not care. He was a true cowboy. Whenever the time came for the Wild Horse Race to start, everyone surrounded the arena and Carl stepped up to the fence with the other cowboys. The horses were bucking in their pens when the …show more content…

While most of the other cowboys continued to fight the horses, Carl saw the hurt cowboy and tried to help him. Carl faced the dangerous sea of horse legs and rope to pull out the injured man. With the dirt blowing like a tornado many people couldn't tell what was going on. Also, while doing this, he risked his reputation of not winning first place because some of the other men were still wrangling horses in and Carl was running out of time. Carl hauled the man onto his back like a gorilla mother carrying its child. Carl was not one to give up, so he continued to wrangle the horses successfully even with the extra load on his back.
While his back was turned, a horse lifted its legs to kick. All of the air is sucked out of the room as the audience watched in shock. One of the horse’s hooves caught him in the head and he fell. Carl fell to the ground where he lay unconscious. All of the other horses had been wrangled by the cowboys, and three other cowboys pulled away the horse that had kicked

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