The Witch

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"The Witch"

"The Witch" tells a tale of a Puritan family banished from the village they lived in. Forced to reside by the woods where a evil witch lives. William (Ralph Ineson) and his wife Katherine (Kate Dickie) and their 5 children bring themselves into a unimaginable horror, when there newborn son vanishes things begin to make the family unsettle. When the crops fail, more evil things mysteriously start to happen, the family begins to slowly turn on one another. Giving each family a emotional twist on their path, leading into the unexpected horrors of witchcraft and black magic.
My first impression on "The Witch" had me wanting to see it from the second I heard about it. Horror movies set in the 16th century period can usually be dull
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After I had left the theather, the ending was dazzling it set me in a trance over the powerful unsettling scenes this film had. Each actor gave it there best performance, with the 16th century accents. (Thomasin) Anya Taylor-Joy gave a tour de force of a performance, she was amazing my jaw was dropped over her performance. I was totally into the music, it always takes me back to a time where scores were made beautifully to fit the movie. Nowadays with most films the collaboration doesn't sync up well. Not this film, it was powerful a witchy tale which puts a spell over you sending the viewer into a world of the 16th century for 92 minutes. The cinematgrhpy was decent, their entire environment was eerie, The woods were creepy, I apreciated director Robert Eggers wonderful views with this film. Very brilliant director, He took those woods, filmed it and edited it all down to make the viewer terrifyed. I personally was pleased with how the scares were few and far between. Yet when they occured it was terrifying, disturbing events that unfolded. I a horror fanatic was thinking this movie was too intense for me, giving me nightmares that will easily put "The Witch" as one movie I will watch over and
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