The Witch's Trials : The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials
The trial begins in 1692, in Massachusetts. After three young girls in the Salem village claimed to be possessed by the devil, they accused other individuals of witchcraft. A hysteria began in September of 1692 and everybody started turning on eachother. Several people were charged with witchcraft and either got hung or served time in jail. Although the Massachusetts General Court later annulled guilty verdicts against accused witchcraft. According to others, the devil gave number of people (witches) the ability to harm others. Soon three little girls began to throw fits, such as violence and uncontrollable outbursts of screaming. They were diagnosed with bewitchment and soon others started growing the same symptoms. Later on, in February, arrest warrants were taken place with three other adults.
In Three Sovereigns for Sarah three little girls were acting as if they were possessed by the devil after playing a few “games” that had to do with bad spirits. Tituba, Abigail Williams, the minister's niece, family slave, who practiced voodoo, taught them how to play. After all that, everything started to happen. The Salem witch trials latsted from 1692-1693. A “special tea” was made by Tibula, which she gave to the Elizabeth Parris so it can cause her to act n a certain way. Once the girls were finished playing voodoo, later on they started disturbing contortions, sudden outbursts of screaming, and psychological effects, they are diagnosed , by

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