The Woman At Point Zero

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The woman occupies a unique role in the process of exchange. She has a “dual-relation” to capitalist culture as she both consumes it herself, but is physically used as a commodity in it as well (Roberts 88). Due to this “dual-relation”, she is able to move through the classes in a manner similar to a commodity. Her mobility is performative and relies on surface appearances. In Woman at Point Zero, Firdaus explains to the woman interviewing her that because of the wealth she earned in prostitution she purchased expensive beauty products that allowed her to play the part of an upper-class woman despite her middle-class education and lower class background (Sadaawi “Point Zero” 14). As an object, a simple manipulation of her appearance can alter her value. However her position is twofold. Not only is she a commodity, but she is a laborer as well, performing a service for the acquisition of money. Firdaus equates all female workers to prostitutes (Sadaawi “Point Zero” 124). In the eyes of the patriarchy women are “instruments of pleasure, passion, and sexual satisfaction, or receptacles for bearing children, or commodities to be bought and sold in the marriage market” (Sadaawi “Hidden Face” 77). A woman worked is still under the patriarchal control of the management and due to the oversexed culture, her body is still abused. The female employee offers up her body to men above her within the company for job security or a minimal pay raise. Firdaus resists objectifying herself in

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