The Women Basketball Match Dated On A Saturday

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This is an interschool women basketball match dated on a Saturday – 30 Jan 2016, starting from 1 pm to 3 pm in Pierri Gym, I was sitting on the four lane on the left hand side of the stadium. It is observed that most of the audience are white Americans (the white), aging 30 or above, which I believe could possibly be the parents from both teams. There are some kids aged 9 or 10 and a baby as well, sitting with their parents; most of the audience are sitting in pairs. To the right end of the stadium sat African American (the black), while two-third of the stadium sat the while. The Dean College team (DC) wore white and red suits with grey strips, whereas the Southern Maine Community College team (SMCC) took a mix of navy blue and white as their representation. Before the contest began, both teams clapped in rhythm to embrace the start of the game along with the song of the chants for America. A
As the game started, a lady in grey T-shirt (grey lady) who sat in front of me clapped for the team as the contest began to star; the remaining teammates of both teams called their slogan to boost their confidence. Another lady in red shirt (red lady) cheered, swinging her arms to the air when SMCC took a 3 point shot, shaking her fist as hard as she could. An international student named Clara, who’s sitting beside me shouted “Woooo” while she clapped as DC scored another point. The grey and red lady yelled “blue”, which was the color of SMCC’s suit, were believed to be parents of

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