The Women 's Rights Movement

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From the beginning of time women have always had it harder than men. Rights were always limited for women. Till today there is still that a disadvantage for women in areas such as the work place and how women earn less money than men do. Like many rights women did not have, women were not allowed to vote. It was not until June fourth of 1919 congress passed the nineteenth amendment that guaranteed all American women the right to vote and it was ratified on August eighteen of 1920. If it was for the women’s suffrage movement which started in 1848 and ended in 1920 the nineteenth amendment would not have happened. Many strong, notable women were part of this movement. Sisters: The lives of America’s Suffragists by Jean Baker and Century of Struggle: The woman’s Rights Movement in the United States by Eleanor Flexner both cover the issues and the struggle that lead to giving women their right to vote. The two books both discussed the issues but they did not convey the message the same way. While one book captivated one’s emotion and changed the views of many, the other book just gave fact.
Sisters: The lives of America’s Suffragists by Jean Baker showcase the lives of five women; Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard and Alice Paul, who work together from around 1840 to 1920 in an effort to gain women’s suffrage. Jean Baker profiled the five women who worked together and helped women win the right to vote but the women suffragist are not

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