The Work Of The Clinic

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The clinic was staffed twenty-four hours, between the mating pairs needing occasional care and supplies and Omegas arriving in heat at all hours. It was just past seven the next night when the doors opened and a Greek god walked in. Erica had, of course, been fully briefed about Derek 's situation and recognized him from his profile picture, though the digital representation didn 't do him a bit of justice. "Derek Hale?" She asked, and he looked up. He 'd waited far, far too long to come in. He was chalk white and sweating, the sweet scent of Omega slick almost overwhelming even to her muted Beta senses. His arms were wrapped around his stomach like he was trying to hold himself together. "Oh, sweetheart, you waited way too long. I know you 're not... comfortable around women, so I 'm going to have Boyd here take you back." He shook his head. "No, you 're okay. Casual touch isn 't a problem. Just..." He waved his hand around and she smiled at him. "No, I understand. I had a... bad experience... before I met Boyd. Oh, I 'm Erica, by the way. Come with me, please, and I 'll get you settled and call Stiles." Derek was half out of it, fighting against fear and his own biology, hands shaking as he balled them up against his side. Erica led him down a different hallway than the one the day before. He could smell the lingering scents of mating, but it was faint. He was incredibly grateful that the place was obviously scrubbed ruthlessly with neutral products. An Omega 's sense of

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