The Work Of The Clinic

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The clinic was staffed twenty-four hours, between the mating pairs needing occasional care and supplies and Omegas arriving in heat at all hours. It was just past seven the next night when the doors opened and a Greek god walked in. Erica had, of course, been fully briefed about Derek 's situation and recognized him from his profile picture, though the digital representation didn 't do him a bit of justice. "Derek Hale?" She asked, and he looked up. He 'd waited far, far too long to come in. He was chalk white and sweating, the sweet scent of Omega slick almost overwhelming even to her muted Beta senses. His arms were wrapped around his stomach like he was trying to hold himself together. "Oh, sweetheart, you waited way too long. I know …show more content…

Erica stopped halfway down the hall and opened the door to a soothingly dim room. There was a bed, a couch, and a large beanbag chair scattered through the room. "There 's a call button here next to the door and one on the wall next to the bed. If you need help, or anything else, just let us know. Stiles lives close, so I 'll have him back here in a few minutes. You 're looking a bit... shaky. There 's a small fridge in the corner. I 'd suggest getting yourself an orange juice to help balance your blood sugar and sitting down for a bit." He stepped into the room and she gave his wrist a quick squeeze before pulling the door closed. Looking around the room, he moved to the fridge and got an orange juice as Erica had suggested before nervously sitting on the edge of the couch... which is exactly where he still was when Stiles (such a weird name) arrived less than fifteen minutes later. The second Stiles closed the door and Derek caught his scent, he was horrified to feel another wave of slick leave him. He knew by that point it must have soaked through his protective underwear and pants and into the fabric of the couch. He was disgusted with himself. No wonder Kate hadn 't wanted him. She 'd been disgusted with him. He was just a filthy, disgusting Omega. He slid off the couch, kneeling and bowing his head just the way Kate had taught him, submitting to his Alpha... Until

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