Master Greek Narrative

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Master St James leaned over Gabe as he struggled weakly against the restraints, gently testing them. His hands were secured to the headboard and his knees had been separated by a wide spreader bar, leaving him completely exposed to his master's attentions. He had also been well-lubed by Christian after the other slave had restrained him. The last thing before he'd left the room had been a large red ball gag. "Gabe," Master Derek whispered to him in his low, growling voice, "I have a feeling you're going to love this and hate it all at the same time." He heard a chiming sound as Master Derek reached to the side and lifted up a string of six metal balls that graduated in size from two inches to three and a half inches in diameter. They also let out a faint chiming noise. Gabe couldn't help but be nervous and intrigued at the same time. …show more content…

It slipped in with almost no force and Gabe sighed and relaxed further into the mattress. The second, third, and fourth balls slipped in with increasing difficulty and he started to get worried. Before Master Derek tried the fifth ball, he played with Gabe's rock-hard cock for several minutes while also gently stretching and lubing his entrance. After that, the fifth one went in with relative ease. Then the sixth one came and Gabe was glad of the gag in his mouth. It it wasn't for that, he would have begged Master to stop. He'd had worse pain in his life, but not by far. Just as he almost lost control and started thrashing, the large ball finally popped in and he collapsed against the bed in relief. Before he realized anything had changed, Master Derek was in front of him, removing the gag and warmly praising him for being such a good

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