The Workplace Of A Sweatshop

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A sweatshop is a workplace that violates the law and where workers are subject to extreme exploitation (including the absence of a living wage or long work hours), poor working conditions such as health and safety hazards, arbitrary discipline such as verbal or physical discipline or fear and intimidation when they attempt to stand up for their rights or attempt to form a union.1 This paper explores the working conditions in sweatshops mainly located near the US-Mexican border and the results the production of sweatshops have caused. US companies import American parts into Mexico to assemble the parts in ‘maquiladoras’. Maquiladoras are best described as assembly plants run by foreign-based multinational corporations, most of which are headquartered in the United States and export the products back to the United States. The produced goods are then usually stamped ‘Assembled in Mexico or US Materials’.2 An example of a regional area in Mexico where a number of multinational factories reside is Juarez as it is home to approximately 125 foreign-owned factories that employ 45,000 people3 Over the years, US companies along with Japanese and European companies have opened more than 1,500 assembly plants near the border4. (REFER TO APPENDIX 1.1;copy image form pp.313 A2) . The maquiladoras employ half a million Mexicans, paying them an average of $5 a day. This is comparable with the HOWEVER MUCH THEY GET PAID IN INDONESIA. The labor turnover rates are high, ranging from 180% per
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