The Works Of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

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Determining ownership of a choreographed piece can be quite difficult. This has been a controversial topic for quite some time. An individual thinks of dance as a free expression and feels that the expression can be utilized without permission. However, the controversy ensues “when a choreographer puts their body into motion and pen to paper, they’re creating an original expressive piece that takes their personal experience and creativity and translates it into a work of art.” (Andrews) After a choreographer applies their unique style a piece can then be copyrighted and protected from duplication legally. In my opinion, a choreographer owns an artistic piece after they have coined the movement as their own and have placed a patent and copyright on that work. …show more content…

It such such a shame that a performer such as Beyoncé with limitless financial resources cannot produce unique, quality pieces. She indicated that she is inspired by other artists and different expressions of dance however, she is a pioneer and R&B music and should treat the artistry of dance the same way. She should be creative, create movement that are specific to her and her culture and stop copying works from previous choreographers. After watching the video of comparisons, it is a blatant copyright

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