The Works of Christina Rossetti

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There comes a time in life, when one realizes what is important. To some, the most important things in life come in a diamond embedded suitcase filled with the grand jewels of life: money, love, and leaving legacies. People seem to have one simple thought, that having money and love is the most important thing in life. However, that is not the case for Christina Rossetti. Her views on life are very realistic and matter of fact. She believes earthly gifts and human emotions are not important because none of it is permanent. She does not need money or love, and she does not care if she is remembered. Rossetti reveals what is most important to her—her relationship with God, not her relationship with humanity. Rossetti displays what is important to her through her humble plea in “Song’. In the poem, she is neither depressed, nor joyful; she simply states what she believes. She believes that memorials and placing flowers on graves are not for the ones who are deceased, but for those they leave behind. She asks them not to show her any special attention, she will be dead and in death, one cannot feel, hear, speak, or think; therefore she will not be able to acknowledge their gestures. Her lack of sympathy towards her loved ones shows her detachment to material items as she rejects the love she will receive at the time of her death. Keeping the memory of a lost loved one is a way for the living to keep the deceased alive. When thinking of death, most are afraid that no one

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