The Works of Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson’s writing reflects the Realistic period through personal themes: death, isolation, God, marriage, women in society, and love. Dickinson’s writing is affected by numerous factors. Among these are her family, the Realism period, and her life experiences. Emily Dickinson herself was a sort of mystery.

Emily Dickinson’s background had a profound effect on her writing. Family always plays an important role in the upbringing of an individual. Her grandfather had a prominent position in the founding of Amherst College. Her mother had a love for learning and the sciences. Dickinson’s father was an active member of the community. He was often the host to many guests and/or lecturers. One of the guests he hosted was Ralph Waldo Emerson. Unfortunately, Emily Dickinson’s parents were not often present in their children’s lives. Due to the lack of constant parental guidance, the Dickinson children often had to rely on themselves or each other. Dickinson’s older brother’s name was William Austin. Her younger sister, Lavinia, was later responsible for finding and publishing Dickinson’s works. The family typically kept to themselves, save when they hosted Mr. Dickinson’s guests. Emily Dickinson’s life was filled with secrets that people speculated about. A common idea was that Dickinson hid her true sexual orientation to keep scandal from befalling her family. Though many wondered, no one knew the true reason Dickinson left the seminary to isolate herself to focus on

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