The World And Me Essay

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me is in essence about the rigors inflicted on people of color, and specifically black people, by America. His work goes on in depth about the challenges black people face in America, the communities and the world view they grow up in. Coates’ work is masterful at boiling down and explaining the problems that people of color face, from the outright racism of a brutal police force to subtler forms of similarly dangerous discrimination in the classroom, in politics, and in the media. He couches these acts as “…violence, upon the body.”(21), talking about how even the smaller forms of discrimination all boil down to violence against black people. By simplifying these acts to what they truly are, he makes the it more visceral and direct, cutting right to the source with great effect. Through this discussion about the black body, we learn about how it is endangered, how this endangerment takes form, and what it means to try and protect the black body.
Over the years great strides have been made against racism, but by no means is that fight over. Racism moved from shackles and Jim Crow laws to new, insidious forms that still work just as hard to keep people of color down. As racism was fought harder and harder it adapted in order to survive, now it’s evident in things like police brutality, the war on drugs, and media bias, things that the white American public can misunderstand or brush under the rug. As Coates said,” Very few Americans

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