The World As We Know It Is Ending Essay

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The world as we know it is ending. We’re writing its future with man-made technology, but how does this affect the moral fiber connecting us? In technological advancement we, as a society, are presented with incredible ethical dilemmas. We use technology as a means to create the future, as it becomes more accessible, and we fall on ethics to predict and correct its advantages/disadvantages. Does the philosophical idea of morality, then, affect our advancement as a society? Exploring what we know about the technology we have, and imagining the technology we’re being promised, what will the future actually look like? Has history provided us with examples of how to approach these issues? Only our imagination can answer these questions because imagination is what produces both technology and ethical progress. However, the imagined intent in the creation of technology does not always represent the intent of its individual users. As the Washington Post puts its, “Each one of us knows the constant impulse in human beings to be exploitive, vile, greedy, lustful, distracted, and pursuing base vices? It abounds.” Is our only ethical obligation to adapt to the consequences of our technology or to prevent the consequences before they happen? Has our process always been to act first and think later?
It is difficult to discuss todays technology without first considering the Industrial Revolution. In an effort to use the resources at hand in the 17th century, in a way that would
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