The World Climate Is Changing

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All over the world climate is changing, including where we live. Record highs have been recorded in Ohio including minimal inclement weather such as snow. In other major cities located on the coast, are threatened by rising sea levels. 70% of the cities on the coast are dealing with extreme weather like drought and flooding (Biggers). With the recent election of Donald Trump, author Jeff Biggers, an award winning American historian, compared the recent climate affects as doomsday scenarios and the climate have abounded in the aftermath of the November election. Overall, because of insufficient, poor climate protocol, and future changes, our earth’s climate is suffering.
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The F-35 fighter plane program is the reason for the big cut. This could be accounted for the biggest weapon ever designed. There is one problem with this weapon, military officials have confirmed, it doesn’t work and they have invested too much money to turn back now. So far, this project has taken as much money equivalent to build offshore wind farms to power 320,000 homes for millions of people.
The earths average surface temperature has risen by 0.76 degrees Celsius since 1820. Much of the rising has happened within the last 50 years (Climate Change). The “greenhouse effect” is the global trend responsible for the increase in surface temperature. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons being the main factors of the greenhouse effect. Many industries in the United States depends upon have raised carbon dioxide levels and are continuing the same routine that’s causing the damage. It seems most Americans, including government officials are not willing to create significant change to reverse or restrain global warming trend. California’s emissions just this year are exceeding those of Brazil, a change needs to be created (Climate Change). President Trump even called global warming, a “hoax” and during his campaign he explained he’s not a big believer in man-made climate change. Which in fact, more than 95% chance human activities have warmed our planet (Nuccitelli). It is predicted if our own president doesn’t take

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