The World Is Growing At An Amazing Rate

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“Everything has to come to an end, sometime” (Baum). And the era we live in, is an era in which the biggest threat to human well-being, to other species and the earth, is the human existence itself. The blasting increase in human population means that with every increasing life, the demand for food, fresh water, energy and a whole lot more other items will increase simultaneously. The world is growing at an amazing rate. Currently, the Earth’s population is growing by 60,000 people every eight hours; that’s two children born every second somewhere around the globe (Shariatmadari). So in a sense, every one second the supply of basic amenities must also increase to cater the need of two more living human souls. Experts believe that if we…show more content…
To truly grasp the horror of overpopulation and why it is a threat to human existence itself, it is important to know the how it all started. Before the industrial revolution, the birth rates and death rates were about the same, keeping the population stable. Although people had a large number of kids but many of them died before the age of 6 (Kinder). Then in 1800s came the industrial revolution. Industrial revolution marked the beginning of an upward increase in the exponential graph that represents total world population by reducing death rates in the time to come. It allowed us to achieve this feat through medical advancements, increases in agricultural productivity. Medical advancements have allowed for a decrease in mortality rate as it provided better measures to treat critical health illnesses, more effective ways to control epidemics, more effective solutions to infertility problems and safer pregnancies. Increased food production through intensive farming techniques, including heavy use of genetically modified seeds, mechanized farming processes and immense use of fertilizers and pesticides, have also played a significant role in allowing the current growth of the human population. Lastly, having a large of number of kids, if not for old traditions, is still considered a highly personal matter and for whatever reasons, people don’t like being told what to do in their personal lives. However, it is important to understand that every personal decision such
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