The World Is Not Enough Essay

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"The World Is Not Enough" is a great action-adventure movie with exciting stunt scenes, exotic locations, beautiful women and traditional Bond one-liners. Pierce Brosnan carries on the role of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond in which was established by Sean Connery in 1962’s "Doctor No". Since it is also the 19th installment to the longest running film series in history, comparing this one to the older movies is like comparing one athlete to another. But hey, I guess that’s the fun of it all.To get more in depth of the film, let’s see if the traditional Bond trademarks live up to their roles.1. Bond…James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan, in his third appearance as agent 007, has become comfortable in his role
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Only 2 of them? It seems that Brosnan’s Bond has become a Jenny Craig follower when it comes to the number of women that are involved in his life. There seems like a shortage in women in this film compared to the earlier films.

French actress Sophie Marceau plays Elektra King, who is the daughter of a tycoon who wants to link his pipeline from the former Soviet controlled areas to Europe. Marceau does an incredible job of playing her role as Elektra. Especially during the intimate scenes with Bond and with her so-called captor, Renard. Denise Richards is the other Bond girl in this adventure. She plays a nuclear scientist named Dr.

Christmas Jones. Her performance in the film is ok, but could be better. For the most part, her part doesn’t fit into the film as much as Marceau’s character. Basically, she just in the film to kill time and isn’t all that helpful to Bond. She’s just eye candy for the film and I think that producers just added her in the film to bring more people to the theaters. 6.

The earlier James Bond films went by the format of having the lead villain and a henchman as the bad guys. In this film, two people, Elektra King (spoiler) and Renard share the role of lead villain. Scottish actor Robert Carlyle plays the character Renard, who was shot in the head by 009. Since the bullet is stuck in his head, he cannot feel any pain at all nor can he taste, feel or smell;
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