The World Is The Best

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As time elapses, ideas, thoughts, and view of the world tend to modify. I assume that the literature that is present from hundred years ago until now, displays a shift of religion to nature. Religion used to be the basis for most of the things, but as new ideas approached, nature began to replace it. Not implying that nature completely replaced religion, but it became a new way to understand the world. I believe there is always going to be a debate on which way to understand the world is the best. Religious people would argue that the bible is the guide for lives and the way to control the world, but on the other hand, science also tries to explain this idea. William Bradford, from 1590 to 1657, on his writing “Of Plymouth Plantation,”…show more content…
How would it pleased God to see a person die in a desperate manner even if they had sin? God gives us life and would pardon our sins if we seek for him. However, I believe the puritans, including Bradford, felt that there was no option of forgiveness. According to what I have read in Bradford’s story, I would say that religion could make someone selfish. I am not against religion, but this is what I conclude based on this literature. I feel this way because it seems that they just think for themselves. They believe they are perfect and that anyone else is evil. I feel that being a religious person, should not make them feel superior like the puritans did. I believe that in God’s eye we are all the same, but the puritans saw the Native Americans as savages and not pure. An example of this is in the “first encounter” the puritans had with the so called savages. “Thus it pleased God to vanquish their enemies…and by his special providence so to dispose that not any of them were either hurt or hit…” (79) In my point of view, here is a clear example of how they are being selfish. They are just worried about them not being hurt, but what about the savages? I feel that religion means caring for everyone, but here I see the opposite of that. Again, how God would be pleased by an
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