The World Is Too Much With Us

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Robert Frost, who is a four-time Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry, also known as American poet hero who has written many famous poems which includes “The Road Not Taken” and “Stopping by woods on snowy evening”. In the poem “Stopping by woods on snowy evening,” Frost explain how the speaker has though task which includes deciding whether to forget his problems and stay with the nature and stay far away from people or go back and follow his responsibilities and spend rest of his life in city. As compare to William Wordsworth have also written many poem including “I wandered lonely as a cloud” which shows affinity for nature. William Wordsworth in his poem “The world is too much with us,” represents similar theme as how humans have lost their connections with nature, in which in his opinion it is now only found in memories. In his opinion, we are no longer connected with natural world. Frost and Wordsworth in their respective poems uses unique rhyme, scheme, symbolism, metaphor and alliteration to explain their own perspective on how people struggles between modernize world and nature of the world and end neglecting the natural world. Frost, in his opening line of his poem uses an Imagery sentence, “Whose woods these are I think I know.” (1-2) To point out where he is and as per his knowledge who owns this land. He also mentions that the owner lives in village where civilization lies. Speaker then stated how he wanted to stay with the nature and admire the snow falling and
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