The World Of Antiquity, The Roman Empire Essay

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In the world of antiquity, the Roman Empire (A.D. 117) was one of the roots of medieval Europe, where romans were at the top. They ruled this enormous amount of lands, the center being the city of Rome and the leader being the roman emperor. The empire’s extensive political, economic and social structure became vital to the heritage of the Ancient Civilization. The emergence of sustainable agriculture, primitive technology, scholarly writing and reading, and metalworking had developed stability, growth, and overall framework of civilization. Roman dominance prevailed for a long period of time and influenced a great ordeal of cultural diversity amongst nations, introducing the rise of polytheistic and monotheistic religions; particularly Christianity.
Religion played an important role in the daily lives of Ancient Rome. The official roman religion centered around many different gods, primarily, the cults of Isis, Mithras, and Roma. These mystery religions were very well-known and prevalent in the western provinces. It connected and addressed the common spiritual needs of the roman world. The most prominent icon was the statue of Mithras, the sun god. Worshipping Mirthas is the same as acknowledging roman control. People were expected to follow only these particular religions otherwise emperors classify it as treason and uphold executions upon them. Romans desired to spread this religious conformity to other parts of the world, intending to expand upon their domain. However,
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