The World Of Cards And Holidays Essay

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One holiday celebration which my family places significant effort into preparing for is Christmas. The role both of my parents play during this holiday is particularly interesting to me because my mom comes from a Muslim background. She converted to Catholicism in order to marry my dad and, with that, came the many customs and rituals she is currently expected to carry on during the holidays. Di Leonardo’s “The female world of cards and holidays” discusses ‘kin work’ as the maintenance of familiar relations through bringing households together during holidays, sending cards, presents and etc. This process which often contributes to strengthening familial ties is perceived to be women’s work, which I believe is the case in my own family. Despite my dad growing up in such close proximity to our Christmas traditions, it is my mom who places the most amount of effort into facilitating family visits, preserving our rituals and connecting with distant kin. Starting early December, my mom buys Christmas cards and sends them to about six of my dad’s family members living overseas. The week before Christmas, she calls our relatives in New York to decide on the location of the upcoming celebration and discuss potential meals for the day. She is also the member of our household who calls my dad’s extended family to wish them a merry Christmas. At one point in di Leonardo’s “The female world of cards and holidays” article, the women in the sample were described as having more

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