The World Of Color, By Theu.s Marshals

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The U.S Marshals
They’re faceless, while protecting her but they also box her in. The depiction of the guards, visually frame her and defines her space, just as they do conceptually. Conceptually, the American society consists of a multitude of advantages that are viewed as “the way it is”, unconsciously, oppressing the minorities in ways consisting in areas of opportunity: education, housing and jobs. Society has a subtle way of selling the “American Dream”: getting a chance so unique, that it only exists in a single country. Dreams are not limited; freedom, success, opportunity, perseverance, equality, justice, and safety for all. Growing up, in the world of color, it is extremely rare to exceed the social barrier when it comes to achieving the American Dream. Although this may seem very pessimistic of me, one’s surroundings often shape their character and their incentive to succeed.
The social level in which you are born is the one that you must stay in. Growing up in Brooklyn, I’ve seen these types of things happen a lot: individuals let their environment draw conclusions that ultimately, affects their goals or standards. Descending from Georgetown, Guyana, a Caribbean country in South America, my parents always instilled higher expectations for my brother and I. Being apart of the first generation American in my family, it was expected for us take advantage of the opportunity that was presented for us. Back in Guyana, by American classification my father…
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