The World Of The Epic

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The world of the epic seems to be in a setting where the wilds are essentially everywhere and around people; mostly uninhabited and quiet. Gods are more distant and lenient towards humans in the epic on most occasions, but they are more wrathful in their fury. However, they are rather fickle in their judgment; some want to save the humans or some want to wipe them out, they cannot pick so easily. In a lot of cases, the gods favor humans for their effort and at other times, they would be envious of the human’s accomplishments (Sandars). Monsters are less common and more often mistaken for demigods or minor gods. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are demigods made from several gods unlike later Greek heroes, who hail from a single god. In the beginning, Gilgamesh represents humanity at its finest; beautiful, intelligent, and determined to reach beyond the boundaries of civilization. Jealous of his human status and godlike attributes, another group of gods conjured Gilgamesh’s equal, Enkidu. Man raised from beasts and hills, Endkidu is the unknown factor of humanity, mysterious, curious, the unexplored, and humble. The reunion of the humanity and the unknown creates dynamics where both sides would advance, as in Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality further opens after the defeat of the forest guardian. Yet, Many of these noble quests often end up fruitless; with the death of Enkidu from the hands of one of the major gods and ultimately letting the flower of everlasting youth slipping away,
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