The World Wide Fund Organization Conveys Visualization

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With the power of sending messages that a text could not, visualization is a useful tool that can effectively present ideas to people. Embedded with different rhetorical elements, a visual text can further lead the audience to related issues and inspire it to perform particular actions. Since the green house gases were scientifically proven as a significant contributor toward global warming and climate change, reducing the production of green house gases and recycling domestic wastes have been the campaign for different organizations across the globe. The World Wild Fund of Nature is one that utilizes the ability of visualization to convey this message. The World Wild Fund of Nature is an international non-profit organization whose mission is conserving natural environment and reducing the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. Recognizing the severe consequences of global warming on the environment and different species, The World Wild Fund of Nature has been putting tremendous efforts on educating the public about the impacts of green house gases and the actions to reduce green house gases production. The advertisements created by The World Wild Fund of Nature project this effort by proposing that many animals are losing their original habitats due to global warming and we can help them by doing a few things in our daily life. The overall vision of the advertisement is gloomy. Beside the penguins, the burning metal barrel, and the poster, everything

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