The World Without Us By Alan Weisman

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Part 1. My Questions—What I Already Know, and What I Want to Know Though I have always wondered what the world would be without human existence, I’ve never given much thought into the idea. In the novel The World Without Us by Alan Weisman, he explores the different possibilities of how the world would be effected if humans suddenly disappeared. At this point in the book I have been able to experience different scenarios in what would happen to the world if one day humans disappear. The text explores the many different scenarios that the world may go through if all humans were to disappear. An example would be; what would happen to the underground subways in New York, how our homes would be effected, and also what would happen to the…show more content…
According to Kaplan, “When humans destroy wild land to build homes, factories, shopping malls, amusement parks, garbage dumps, even to build a visitor center, store and restaurant in a park, the land is changed. The animals that once lived there, from the bugs that lived in the ground to the birds that ate them, all may disappear” (How). This is the kind of information that made me interested in this topic, and wanted to learn more about how our overall actions effected the animals around us. Unfortunately, with limited information and little interest in my research question “How our actions and how we treat the earth, with eventually effect the earth and ultimately the animals living on this earth”, has caused me to change my topic. Though this is an interesting question, I just could not seem to become interested in it and I eventually decided, while doing little research on my current question, I had decided that I wanted to change my question. My new research question is “How are buildings and manmade structures effected by having no humans to maintain or take care of them?” Though this question seems pretty general and basic, my book goes into great depth on how buildings and especially bridges are overall effected by having no humans around using them. I thought this was very interesting because it is cool to know what might happen to downtown if all we all just disappeared one day. Buildings would be quiet, and bridges would just stand there. But after
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