Essay about The World of Fashion was Changed by Designer, Muriel King

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Muriel King showed us Fashion in a way never seen before but showed us her creativity in another art form painting.Muriel did many things to contribute to the fashion industry today.She was one of the first known woman fashion designers in America.Her career in the fashion industry lasted for over four decades.Her artwork traveled the world and inspired other people to show their creativity.She used one type of art and formed it into another form creating a masterpiece.She traveled around the world and worked with big fashion companies sharing her artwork. Muriel was born in the Bay view,Washington in 1900.She went to school as an art student and went to the University of Washington.She learned a lot at the university and had the chance …show more content…

Altman in 1933 ordered an entire collection from her.She ordered bathing suits,dresses,and gowns.Muriel’s clothes were used in majority of the films in the 1930’s.She designed a whole collection of clothing for the leading lady Katharine Hepburn for her film Sylvia Scarlett and also created a collection made just for Katherine personal life. Every woman wanted her clothes or wore them.Her designs were based on a comfortable fitting and her liking in style..She continued with her work in the Hollywood designing clothes for 8 more movies.As time went by she continued working for magazines .Soon World War II she made clothes specifically designed for women aircraft workers.Soon the clothes were used by famous aircraft maker companies. After the war she went back to making clothes for Lord and Taylor’s freelancing.Sooner or later she became head designer at Stein and Blaine.Her career lasted for a very long time.but in the 1950’s her career slowed down due to her style in her designs.In the 50’s they were looking for things sexy and innovative but her designs were mature and respectable.Muriel’s career slowly ended by this ‘Kiss of death” in the fashion industry.She retired from the fashion industry in 1957 and went to her love and passion for painting.Muriel had a successful career and was known for her talent.She died in 1977 at the age of 76.Muriel brought her talent and shared it with the world.She made

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