The World 's Dependence On Fossil Fuels

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Running head: THE WORLD’S DEPENDENCE ON FOSSIL FUELS 1 The World’s Dependence On Fossil Fuels Is The Top Ecological Problem Kareem Singleton Rutgers University Running head: THE WORLD’S DEPENDENCE ON FOSSIL FUELS 2 The global dependence on fossil fuels is a major ecological problem, and it has had negative impacts on the natural ecosystem of the globe. The world must change its dependence on fossil fuels and make the top energy resources green, clean, and renewable in order to reduce pollution and save the planet for future generations. The world can become a better place if it were less dependent on fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource, and focus…show more content…
The dependence on fossil fuels as the major source of energy for the World has had a negative impact on our ecosystem and climate. The emissions from the combustions of fossil fuels are the top reason for pollution on this planet. Carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels pollutes our atmosphere, and allows greenhouse gasses to accumulate and cause damage to the Earth, “That same month, scientists reported that Arctic sea ice, one of the most visible and important indicators of global climate change, was melting faster than most cli- mate models have predicted, raising the possibility that the summer Arctic will be nearly ice-free by as early as 2020,”(Overland and Wang, 2013). Acid rain is an ecological problem for the globe because it will pollute the planet’s water supply/cycle, land/soil, and wildlife. Oil spillages wreck havoc on the ocean’s wildlife and habitats for the fish and organisms that usually thrive underwater. Fossil fuel emissions contribute to global climate change and the toxic pollution on this planet and this problem needs to be addressed by the brightest minds accordingly, “These problems of climate change, air pollution, and energy insecurity are due primarily to the combustion of fossil fuels mainly coal, oil, and natural gas,” (Lovins, A. B,
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