The World 's Largest Catholic Fraternal Service Organization

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Lorraine Adams
There are many things that happened before our time that are just as important today as century ago. In order to understand what a big impact our history can have on us today we have to step back in time. It 's important to know the stories of those before us. I find it fascinating because it tells me so much of what it was like during that time. We need to hear these stories, preserve them, and pass them down to those that come after us.
After visiting The Knights of Columbus I learn something interesting. The world 's largest Catholic fraternal service organization was founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven in 1882; it was named in honor of Christopher Columbus.
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He failed to gain support for his project in Portugal so he decided to move to Spain. This is where circumstances were more favorable and it worked out because the Catholic monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon approved the project.
However Isabella of Castile seems to be the influential power behind her husband negotiations just like Eva Peron was the influential power behind her husband making decisions. Both these Isabella and Eva political influence was credited to their husbands. Although both of these women had great knowledge and experience in broken financial systems their activities, desires and influence expanded into rapid wealth.
After getting the support and financing, Christopher Columbus 's expedition led to the opening of the New World. Spain was the first global power which dominated Europe and much of the world for more than a century. What stood out about his long drawn out journey was how he accomplished this by commanding three small ships, which landed on the coast of a Caribbean island and as a result this began the Spanish conquest of America.
The 1492 voyage granted Christopher Columbus recognition with the European, which secured him the title of Admiral of the Ocean Sea. More importantly, it also helped him to obtain further royal patronage and as a result he lead three more expeditions to the Caribbean.
The Azteca and the Inca empires in Mexico

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