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It is not an age when experiments abounded this Kasrna as if the man was wounded and her canceling obsession experiences in all that is related to his onion. These tests may be just the interface or illegal entrance to the exercise of all desires and passions of different types and Hdhuzha even those experiences to finally turn usually leads entrenched unjust by human desires and wishes. And what 's more it applies to the smoking habit, which has controlled the minds of people of different denominations and their knowledge and backgrounds.
Smoking habit scourge of civilized foul inflicted human illness and disease such as affecting his bad lymph and pituitary glands and nerve centers and adverse effect on the heart, blood pressure, psychological and sewage, stomach, muscle and eye and a lot of common diseases .....
It is the world 's trade profitable, but profit is forbidden based on the destruction of life and the destruction of the human mind and the heart and the will and spirit is strange that human accept the purchase of these toxins lethal eagerly longing to what caused the entity of the interaction of strange make it insists on its request to eliminate it.
There is no doubt that the temptations of friends who are under the influence of these is usually working on the introduction of simple to Almha false deceptive even any of them can not be disposed of only after the construction of the self if it was out
About the smoking history

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