The World's Fair Essay

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Week 1 The author starts off the story with many details to the readers to show what the city of Chicago was like during this time. This was a good way to start the story because I was gaining background knowledge of the amount of violence that was going on during the time of the World's fair, and it showed that this was more of distraction away from all the bad things going on so that the American people could lift their spirits. A Question I have is: The World's Fair was so big in this story and there were a lot of the american population there, why have I never heard of this before? Also it sounds almost as big as the olympics how comparable is that? At the beginning, the book is set up very dark and dreary, I don't like the vibe. It sets a theme of Evil and the Holmes character is creepy. “How easy it was to disappear. A thousand trains a day entered or left Chicago. Many of these trains brought single young women who had never seen a city but now hoped to make one of the biggest and toughest their …show more content…

Clearly, the quote reflects on Holmes because he used the fair as his own way to attract victims so in a ways the fair did begin with death and as the fair began to draw towards its end Holmes continued to kill until he was eventually forced to flee the area as he was now the investigation on him. The quote also has to do with Burnham's story. figuratively, the fair did begin with death because in it's opening days besides the very first one it was not living up to the expectations, and during the construction of the fair deaths among workers weren't that uncommon, so again in a way the fair began with death. It also ended with death when Pendergast assassinated Mayor Harrison, because he according to Prendergast, it didn't live up to his word. The fair ended with a funeral/ceremony dedicated to the mayor so that is why it ended in

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