The Worldwide Influence of St. Thomas Aquinas Essay

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The Worldwide Influence of St. Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas was born in the year 1225 into an incredibly Catholic family in a small town in Italy. As Thomas Aquinas grew up, he was very smart and was very interested in the catholic faith and philosophy and ultimately became a teacher of all these things. Thomas Aquinas proved that he was an important historical figure over his life time by being a leader in the Catholic Church , writing The Summa and spreading his beliefs.

Thomas Aquinas proved himself as the important historical figure we know him as today with his leadership in the Catholic Church and by helping people understand the religion. Thomas Aquinas was heavily involved in the church and took on smaller behind the scenes leadership roles. For example, Thomas Aquinas would always help with teaching about the church. One major thing that helped Thomas Aquinas reach such a high level of popularity was the fact that the Catholic Church was at its height of popularity. With the church being so popular, Thomas Aquinas was able to spread his beliefs easier and be recognized. Thomas Aquinas enforced his theological beliefs and shared them through primary sources. He wrote many different books and informational pieces that pertained to the Catholic Church and they mainly were from a Philosophers prospective which made him different than all of the other people in the Catholic Church. His philosophical point of view gave the reader a more informational piece that…