The Worldwide Influence of St. Thomas Aquinas Essay

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The Worldwide Influence of St. Thomas Aquinas Thomas Aquinas was born in the year 1225 into an incredibly Catholic family in a small town in Italy. As Thomas Aquinas grew up, he was very smart and was very interested in the catholic faith and philosophy and ultimately became a teacher of all these things. Thomas Aquinas proved that he was an important historical figure over his life time by being a leader in the Catholic Church , writing The Summa and spreading his beliefs.

Thomas Aquinas proved himself as the important historical figure we know him as today with his leadership in the Catholic Church and by helping people understand the religion. Thomas Aquinas was heavily involved in the church and took on smaller behind the scenes
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One of Thomas Aquinas's greatest accomplishments was his book called The Summa, this helped create his place in history because it was one of the first books by a philosopher proving God's existence. Summa was written for the common people by Thomas Aquinas to help the readers understand that the religion is reasonable. The book also takes Thomas Aquinas' researches of philosophy and bring them into his religious beliefs. The book was written sometime around 1265-1272. In The Summa, Thomas Aquinas basically talked about how there is no reason why not to believe in god. He made statements that showed there IS evidence into believing in god but no evidence not to believe in god. The summa is divided into 3 chapters in which Thomas Aquinas gave different sets of evidence. The first summa is the fact that Thomas Aquinas believed in God's existence. In the Summa, Thomas Aquinas says, "God wills good to every being which exists and loves them. Together making love the common denominator of God to the world." Statements like this in the first summa were referring to the fact that god helps everyone and it brings out the best love in them. The second summa was all about ethics and how people should act. Aquinas based a lot of his information of of the information of a man he studied for years, Aristotle. Aristotle was just before Thomas Aquinas' time and Thomas Aquinas didn't only learn information from him, he learned how to
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