Essay on Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science

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Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science Thomas Aquinas claims Christianity is a science with the use of the writings of Aristotle on scientific knowledge. Aquinas also makes the claim that theology, or the study God, is a science accepted through Revelation. Faith provides ammunition for Aquinas to state that believers of Christianity have the affirmation of God already inside of them. This claim considered that divine writings were inspired by God. Aquinas stated, "The principles of any science are either in themselves self-evident, are reducible to the knowledge of a higher science are the principles of sacred doctrine." Once these documents had God’s authority approved by faith, they became indemonstrable knowledge, …show more content…

This provides a standard in which a person could live their lives in a godly manner.
A critique that could be levy against Thomas Aquinas’ assertion is that the Holy Scripture in the Christianity religion is the word of God. There are other religions that claim that their doctrine is divinely inspired also. So this would allow other religions to claim the same absoluteness of authority on indemonstrable knowledge as Christianity. For example, the Koran and Torah were also said to be inspired by God. The question arises of which doctrine is the definitive Scripture that God attended for us to use. Thomas Aquinas is going to pick his religion holy doctrine over the other ones due to his faith in Christianity.
Another issue with Aquinas argument leads to a discussion that John Dewey brought up in “The Process of Scientific Thinking" of the possibility of indemonstrable knowledge being mistaken or misinterpreted. Even if Scripture is absolute, people’s perception of the doctrine can be fallible.
Thomas Aquinas makes a strong argument for theology being a science. He demonstrates how a follower of Christ and a nonbeliever could use a scientific method to come up with absolute proof with axioms provided by Holy Scripture. A problem could takes place when someone misconstrues the word of God and forms absolute beliefs on incorrect interpretation of Scripture. Theology leaves no wiggle room for improvement once an absolute syllogism

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