The Worst Day Of My Life

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I remember August 11th vividly because it was the worst day of my life. It’s been one month since I lost my dog. He was an eight month old German Shepherd that brought joy to everyone that he met. He was slightly taller than most german shepherds his age. Most of his body was covered in black fur, his legs were a beige color. It looked like he was wearing Ugg boots all the time. His eyes reminded me of a flame because they were a crimson red and orange. Most people said his eyes reminded them of sunsets that you see on a beach. The morning started off ok because I was sleeping, I worked a long shift for work the previous night and I needed all the sleep I could get. It was 6:45 am, I remember because I looked at my phone when I was awaken by a wailing noise. That noise still haunts me during the day when I’m alone or when I try to fall asleep. The only way I can describe the wailing noise is to compare it to sirens from a police car. The wailing noise was coming from my dog because he was being run over. I threw the covers aside because I knew that the noise was coming from my dog. I frantically ran down the stairs and I flung the door aside. Now that I think about it when I opened the front door I was surprised the handle didn’t detach itself from the door. I froze once the door was opened because I was paralyzed once I realized what was going on. My dad was at the end of driveway trying to comfort my dog. I immediately ran to the end of the driveway, in reality it takes a

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